The DeLorean Is Back—This Time as a Bike [Business Week]

For DeLorean enthusiasts who are excited that the cars are coming back but disheartened at the estimated $90,000 price tag, there is a silver—er, stainless steel—lining. Marc Moore, a bicycle maker, has teamed up with Stephen Wynne, president of the new, Texas-based incarnation of DeLorean Motor—which plans next year to release electric versions of the iconic, gull-winged sedans from the 1980s—to introduce the DeLorean Bicycle.
When Wynne was first approached about the idea, he was skeptical. “I basically, said, ‘Yeah, I’m interested, but I don’t want to do a $5,000 bike that’s really a $200 Asian bike with a badge on it,” he says, “which you customarily see from other brands.” Wynne was quickly persuaded, however, that expanding the DeLorean name from four-wheels to two wouldn’t be a shameless, superficial exercise in branding. This is because the bike and the car share a core strand of DNA: the stainless steel body.