DIY Wall Bike hanger. Sweet...

DIY Wall Bike hanger.

This is a no frills/straight forward guide for those of you looking to make your own wall mounted bike hanger but don’t feel like spending a bunch of dough.
simple, easy, cheap
Let’s Start.
one set of drop styled handle bars
one quill stem that fits handle bars
one old tire
one threaded piece of galvanized steel pipe that your stem fits snuggly into. (In my case a 3/4″x4″)
one wall flange that fits whichever pipe you find.
tape measure
two wood screws
1. Put your handle bars into the stem (if they are not already) and flip them upside down to make your hanger.
If your bars aren’t already taped you might want to wrap them up to prevent scratches to your frame. I wasn’t about to go buy some bar tape just to hang on the wall so I wrapped my pair up with an old tube and used wine corks instead of bar ends.
(This step is not required)
Attach your pipe to the wall flange and then insert your your quill into the pipe. This seriously couldn’t be anymore easy, could it?
Using wood screws, assuming your hanging into a standard wall, hang that bad boy where ever you want to hang your bike. Use a tape measure to determine how high you’d like your bike to be. I used 80″ which provides enough space to fit another bike underneath. (I’m not going into detail on how to hang something to a wall, there are plenty of guides for this online.)
Now enjoy your stylish bike hanger.