Gravel Metric Three

OK. Now that the video is out, let’s move on to the actual ride – yes, there’s a ride – it’s called the Gravel Metric. This is the website.
The route is finalized. We’re happy with the minor changes we’ve made. We circumvented the landfill, added a mile of unroad, and kept the rest the same. We’re going to have the turns marked with stakes. The stakes will have one bar for right turns, two bars for left turns, and will be marked with brightly colored tape. There will be no other route markers.
Cue Sheets:We are screen-printing bandannas as cue sheets. These are going to be super cool. We’ll be selling them for $10 to raise money for our new non-profit (AXLETREE). If you’d like to download the gpx for your GPS, you can find it here. If you can’t afford a $10 cue sheet (a sweet, handmade, reusable bandanna cue sheet), or if you have something against non-profits, you can print out your own cue sheet here and then go get a job.
We do not plan on having paper cue sheets, so you’ve been warned.
In years past, we’ve had the luxury of using the Post Office parking lot next door, but they’ve gated it to thwart vandals (correlation?). We have permission to use a few of the surrounding lots and we want to reserve open spots for our neighbors, so please park in the green lots:

If you park in a red lot, we will call you out with the bullhorn at the start of the ride and the start will be delayed until you move your car. Friends don’t let friends park in the red lots.
After you’ve parked, come into the shop to sign in. Be sure to print out your waiver and complete it before you get here. When you’re ready to ride, line up in the “Staging” lot behind NCC. We’ll be rolling out at 9am from that lot. We’ll have a police escort through town. The route officially begins when we reach Twombly Rd.
Doing your business
This year, we’ll have Port-a-Pots ready for your business needs. Please use them. Please refrain from using the restrooms in NCC.
If you… bullhorn… etc.