How to Bike to Work and Enjoy It [momentum]

Use the Bicycle Lane
Brooke Appler

I love biking to work. I would never exercise otherwise and it’s the perfect mental disconnection between my work life and my home life. Beyond that, it’s cheap, my route is less affected by traffic and I have helped my workplace win Bike to Work Week several times in a row!

Dressing for the Ride

Many would-be cyclists are concerned that lots of spandex clothing and expensive gear is needed to bike to work. Not so! The only absolutely essential items are a bike, a helmet if local laws require, a bell, comfy clothing and a backpack, basket or panniers to carry your stuff. If you will be cycling in the dark, invest in lights – a white front one and a red rear one. A couple of tiny turtle lights cost less than $10. You may also need a lock. Consider how secure your parking is, how much you are willing to pay and how expensive your bike is when purchasing a lock. As a rule of thumb, the more expensive your bike, the more you should spend on a lock.