Introducing Product of the People: Help Design a Bike Light []

We were big fans of the theft-resistant Defender bike light, by Gotham Bicycle Defense Industries, when we saw it on Kickstarter. (So was everyone else; it surpassed its $18,000 fundraising target in about a day.) Now, company founders Slava Menn and Brad Geswein are starting work on their next product, and they want the GOOD community to help guide the process, weighing in on everything from design to name in hopes of creating an excellent crowdsourced product. We'll be posting occasional updates on the GOOD site. Below, Slava explains the challenge:
"Why did you come to America?" the reporter asked Dmitri, standing outside the immigration office in Boston’s Logan airport on a clear and cold February morning in 1981. Holding his 6-month-old son, Dmitri, who had fled the Soviet Union, cleared his throat and answered with the largest word in his English vocabulary, "opportunity." The baby in his arms was me.