Minoura BikePit2

The most space saving telescopic pole type storage stand

Minimum space by hooking down the bike

BikePit is a bike storage stand with the length adjustable telescopic pole between the ceiling and floor.
By hanging down the bikes from the upper hook, you can save the storage space significantly. You can store up to 2 bikes in the limited space that is narrower than the bike length.
The pillar design is so simple that it's easy to clean up your room and will avoid catching your leg accident when you pass through.

Difference from BikeTower

BikeTower and P-500AL holds the bikes horizontally, so it requires big space that capable with the bike length (nearly 2 meters). BikePit and P-600AL stores the bikes vertically in narrow 1 meter space.

Main Pillar

The pillar is made of lightweight and durable alloy tubing, and fully length adjustable between 1.7 - 3.1 meters.
The pillar is loaded by a spring in the upper rubber cup toward ceiling, so it's quite easy for the installation and removal. BikePit doesn't require any hardware for this process, so you are completely free from worry about the damage to your room.
The pillar joint is reinforced with a metal ring to allow to tighten the fixing bolt firmly.

About hanging down style

The bike is held as the style that the front wheel is hung from the top hook and the rear wheel is supported with a long stay.
It's also possible to hang upside down, but the handlebar will move freely in this style that means it becomes difficult to hold the front wheel stable by the stay. Also the chance to hit your body will have to increase because the handlebar will locate closer to the floor.

Space saving telescopic system

BikePit's lightweight alloy pillar is telescopic type pole, so it can be installed to anywhere the ceiling height is between 1.7 - 3.1 meters. The ceiling must be reinforced with the ribs and horizontal.
It doesn't require drilling to ceiling nor floor, so you are free from worry about room condition, especially if you are living in a lease room.

The upper rubber cup includes a strong spring inside. The pillar is pushed toward the ceiling strongly with this spring, so the ceiling must be reinforced with ribs, otherwise the ceiling amy be damaged.