Nitto Albatross Bar via Rivendell Bicycle Works

This 55cm Albatross Bar is a fantastic bar: great looking, extra comfortable, good for all kinds of riding on and off road, and is the only bar of its type (a lightweight, swept-back, old-fashioned type) that accepts bar-end shifters. It's perfect for converting mountain bikes to comfortable all-around bikes. Lots of our Atlantis bikes go out with these bars. I/Grant have one like that, and I ride it everywhere, in all conditions.

If you ride a bike and have more than two or three of them, you ought to have this bar. It is the only bar in the world with this luscious look, this super quality, and that'll fit mountain bikey brake levers and bar-end shifters. You could just as easily set it up with mountain bike shifters, but it was designed specifically to work with bar-end shifters, and doing it that way frees up more room in front of the brake lever, for a good off-the-saddle climbing grip. I/Grant like riding this bar now, and ride it a lot (average 60 miles per week year round on it); and I just know it's the bar I'll ride full-time when I'm rickety, too.

Here's a good question: What's the diff btw this Albatross bar and the Dove bar, at lesss than half the price?

Answer: Alba is made of stronger aluminum (2014-T6, for those of you with metallugical backgrounds), polished better, about 2cm wider, and it fits bar-end shifters. The Dove bar is made for the Japanese market, for puttttting around on sidewalks and narrow streets, and for slight-framed riders. It's an excellent bar for many Americans, especially women and children.

The Alba bar opens you up more, fits the bar-end shifters, and both stronger and more beautifully finished.

If you want to use bar end shifters with this bar and your bike is 58cm or bigger then you'll probably need extra long shifter cables and housing.

Albatross bars have a 25.4mm stem clamp diameter.

You need the Nitto 26.0 to 25.4 shim (part#16-095) if you're gonna use this with a 26mm clamp stem.  Stem, cork grips, brake levers, shifters not included.

Requires brake levers with 22.2mm clamp diameter.

Only available in 55cm wide. That's not as wide as it sounds. My 21-year old daughter has been riding hers since she was 14. Try it on a good bike. It's worthy of the best bike you own.

If you want to use bar end shifters with this bar and your bike is 58cm or bigger then you'll probably needextra long shifter cables and housing.

Nitto name: B352