NuVinci N360 - Continuously variable internally geared hub

NuVinci® N360™

The First NuVinci Drivetrain Made History in 2007.
NuVinci N360 Rewrote it.
It’s based on the original. But that’s where the similarities end. For starters, the NuVinci N360 drivetrain is considerably smaller and dramatically lighter… 17% smaller and over 30% lighter! Ratio range is wider, 360%, supporting among the lowest of low ratios and the most demanding of high ratios, with literally everything in between. Shifting is significantly smoother, even under high pedal force. Shift grip rotation is half that of its award-winning predecessor. The hub interface is now inboard the frame dropout for better protection and more elegant appearance. And a new sleek shifter and unique “inchworm and rider” display make it even more intuitive and easier to shift than ever. All making the N360 ideal for a wide range of bikes and cyclists…from casual, recreational riders to the most demanding experts.
N360-equipped bicycles and e-Bikes offer riders a quiet, comfortable ride like no other. Adjusting ratio to the terrain and the individual’s riding style is as easy as adjusting the volume on a radio. It’s the perfect drivetrain for those looking for a smoother, simpler, more enjoyable ride, and for anyone ready to move beyond the complexities and limitations of conventional shifting.
Nothing Shifts Like NuVinci®!