pedaldabs - better pedal! [Columbus, OH company]

Kurtis Meyer, bikedabs’ founder, worked at a small family-owned bicycle shop while he was in college. He designed and patented the pedaldab because he wasn’t satisfied with any available options for riding his bike with regular street shoes without switching pedals.
bikedabs products bear the “Made in the U.S.A.” logo as a symbol of our pride and commitment (the pedaldab was designed and is being produced in Ohio). We also use recycled materials wherever possible. For example, the plastic used to produce the pedaldab is recycled abs plastic.
pedaldabs is only the first bikedabs product. If you have an idea for a bicycle accessory product, we’d be happy to talk with you about getting it produced and distributed through bike shops nationwide. We have the capability at bikedabs to make your ideas a reality, open doors to the vibrant cycling industry, and help you get credit for it! Click on the Ideas link in the top menu to get started.