Tate Labs Barfly

The Bar Fly has an incredible story: designed by Above Category's General Manager, Woody Tate, prototype machined by Woody's father-in-law, stress-testing blueprints for its production mold drawn up by a local boy-genius, exhaustively tested by the Above Category team and friends, and put into production with a United States manufacturer...it can't get more local, more American entrepreneurial spirit, than this!

Here's Woody's story of how the Bar Fly Garmin Computer Mount came about:

"Out of the box, using a stock mount, the Garmin 500 is mired with poor visibility, is unsafe, and leaves your bike with a tarnished aesthetic. After my first experience with the Garmin 500 I went to work designing The Bar Fly. 

The Bar Fly’s first iteration was constructed out of a white plastic cutting board in my living room using simple tools. I consulted with my 76 year old Swiss father in law and we polished off a new design. Laboriously using a manual milling machine a new prototype was fabricated and sent out for testing, then consequently broken. Refinement and R&D ensued."

Finally, after an overwhelming amount of anticipation, a year of development, racing, training, and redevelopment, The Bar Fly is poised to land where it belongs, centered on the handlebar, level with the stem and in clear view presenting the safest and most aesthetic position possible for your Garmin 200, 500 and 800 cycling computers.

The Bar Fly is designed in Marin, ethically constructed in the USA with the finest materials, and distributed by Above Category.

[Tate Labs]