Torch-bicycle helmet with integrated lights [Kickstarter]

Torch is a new brand that focuses on lit apparel for the urban rider and skater who's not afraid to have fun after dark. The T1 helmet, our first product, is unique as it draws attention to the rider at night by elevating the light signature above city traffic.
In addition to our primary goal of safety, we focused on creating a helmet with a clean, iconic style geared towards urban riders. To achieve this we started with a classic silhouette and kept the details simple.
The helmet will be produced using an in-mold technique with a thin polycarbonate shell and an expanded polystyrene body. This method creates a very light, yet strong helmet. Torch will also include an adjustable system for a more accurate fit, making the helmet safer and more comfortable. 
The helmet features front and rear lenses which the LEDs project onto. This projection method is important as it disperses the light across the lens. This creates increased visibility and brighter light from wider viewing angles. The lenses also protect the LEDs from water, dust, and debris; as you see in the video. 
The helmet will be available in three exterior colors (red, black, or white) plus a special Midnight Edition (black with smoked lenses). Torch will be fully CPSC/CE certified and retail for around $100. We are offering a discount to our Kickstarter backers because without your support we cannot  make Torch a reality. All funds raised on Kickstarter will go towards tooling, initial production, packaging, and domestic shipping to our backers.
We would like to thank our backers, and everyone who has been involved in the amazing process of the development of Torch. With your help we can make cycling safer ! 
Thank you.