Seems like every time I post a bicycle related post there are a few angry, f-bomb filled replies and/or rebloggs on my blog, Views From The 'bus, located on Tumbr. Hate is more often an adjective used to vent these folks frustrations with the two wheeled peddler. It's what I like to call “off road rage” and it's a little creepy. Especially when these people are maneuvering a half ton of steel at a much higher velocity than I can propel my bike. Yet, we as riders are the villains to many of this nations “car culture” . Interestingly enough I have not seen the same venom spewed towards pedestrians and their jay walking or automobiles and their speeding, illegal U-turns, driving down one way streets the wrong way or non-signaling ways. I have heard drivers state ” bicycles do not belong on the road”, then where I ask? The sidewalks? Bicycles are illegal on sidewalks in most states, are considered motored vehicles in 48 states and are supposed to be ridden in the street. Automobile owners have a false sense of ownership of the road and should be aware of how governments in most major cities in the U.S. of A. are forming their cities around this “bike culture” that is often scoffed at or marginalized by the owners of an environmental dinosaur, like the automobile.

  I do not own a car and I ride year round. I chose 9 years ago to go without one and have shaped my life to fit. I live a minute and a half walk to the hospital in which I work and my home is within walking and/or riding distance to multiple grocers and night life. I have situated my self into a very simple riders life. I have never tried to force my lifestyle on anyone or berated someone for how they have chosen to live. Everyone has the right to live there life as they see fit. Not all adhere to this and as a free society they do not have to and shouldn't. Calling a group of people douche, hipster assholes, cycling f#*ks, p.o.s. bikers or advocating all riders should be killed, maimed or harmed in all kind of imaginative ways IS WRONG. I do not care how the cyclist is riding his or her bicycle. My firm belief and what is LAW is all cyclists must follow all the rules of the road as would an automobile. Period. I will not condone the harm or allow the perpetuation of poison towards a group of people to be played out on my blog. Smart, thought out opinions will be heard and read. Discussions can be had on Views From The 'bus, but hate will not be tolerated.

Riders Ride, Bicycles never die!

Your friend in bikes,

The ‘bus commuter