Barcelona bicycle numbers [barcelonabicycle]

In the website of the Barcelona City Council for mobility you can find  the full report of Barcelona basic data of mobility for 2010 (pdf, in Catalan). There is also a brief report for 2011, but the last complete one is for 2010. The report contains very interesting bicycle data.

2009201009/10 (%)
Bicycle transport share2,07%1,99%-3,9
Bicycle trips102.824106.5203,6
Bike lanes/path km146,81598,3
% of streets with bicycle lanes/paths--12,10%--
Bicycles using the bike lanes/paths--42,10%--
Bicycle parking20.40221.3874,8
Registered users of "Bicing"182.062117.523-35,4
Daily average users of "Bicing"33.41534.5853,5
Number of "Bicing" trips10.769.25611.147.0003,5
Public cost by "Bicing" trip (EUR)1.31.26--
Public cost by bus/metro trip  (EUR)--1.24--
"Bicing" share in total bicycle use--28,70%--
Bicycle accidents513414-19,3

The report includes an interesting map of bicycle traffic density in Barcelona.

Intensitat de trĂ nsit de bici a Barcelona (any 2010)