Bicylists (sic): The new limousine liberals - [Salo]n

Bicylists: The new limousine liberals(Credit: Shutterstock)
Why should Washington, D.C., subsidize its bikeshare system if it’s mostly used by white people with college degrees? That’s the question ReasonTV posed yesterday, and it’s a good one to think about.
By most metrics, D.C.’s bikeshare system, Capital Bikeshare, is something to celebrate. Four thousand people use it every day. In its first year it exceeded projections for membership, revenue and number of riders. It’s great to see a new transit option become so popular. The problem is, it’s mostly popular with white people who have money to spend (though, for the record, the survey found that, while few poor people use the system, the average rider is slightly less affluent than your average Washingtonian).