Blacklick to Black Hand and Back Ride Recap 06092012

5 cyclists (Roger, Bob, Brett, Mike, Ray)
94 miles
14.7mph average
Weather was hot but low humidity, slight headwind for 40 miles

Dawes Arboretum, the Bonsai Show was taking place
Flint Ridge, water stop
Black Hand Gorge, trail condition is still rough
Newark lunch stop at Simply Rising Cafe which had fresh bread, great coffee and service.

Mike rode 14 miles from downtown to join us. At mile 50 just outside of Newark he bonked. We exchanged numbers and Mike arranged for a pickup. He ate, drank, napped and caught up to us in Newark as we finished lunch. He ended with 108 miles.

Animals spotted along the way: two white-tailed deer crossing Blacks Road, chickens on the trail between
Granville & Alexandria, one turtle (smashed) on Kitzmiller Road.


  1. An alternate route on Beaver Run Road was suggested but was rejected by Ray. He thought it sounded fishy.


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