Boulder Bicycle Used 650b 57 top tube frame and fork - $775

A chance to own one of our very popular Boulder Bicycle frame and fork for a very nice price! (not the bicycle pictured).

This frame features tig construction with True Temper Plat OX is 650b and has a 57 top tube and roughly 59cm center to very top of the seatpost clamp.  The frame has a more level top tube than our stock geo frames - roughly 1.4 degrees of slope.  The frame has our favorite light OS top tube - the proprietary to Waterford .65/.45/.65 28.6.  The downtube is a tad stouter than our stock tube - it is a .8/.6/.8.  The result is a solid feeling frame that feels pretty lively due to the light top tube.  It also makes for a frame that is less likely to shimmy.

This frame was the shop demo frame and has some real miles on it (it was used quite a bit outside the shop) so it is used and has a number of paint blems.  Actually quite a few blems, but no crash damage or anything like that.   We'll include a bit of touch up paint.

This frame has a semi-sloping lug type forkcrown. Now we use a flat crown that makes removal of the front wheel if a 42mm Hetre a bit easier.  Otherwise, the frame has our typical features and is in our standard Baby Blue Moon.

A Boulder Bicycle frame typically costs $1,375 - this one is a deal!

The purchase price includes shipping to the lower 48!

The frame is a randonneur frame with a low trail geometry.  Tire clearance is ample for a true wide 650b clincher such as the Grand Bois Hetre if you use a fender such as a Berthoud stainless 50mm.  You can use a 55mm honjo hammered fender, but the clearance starts getting tight (while the honjo 55 is wider, it wraps further on the side which cuts down on clearance compared with a flatter 50mm).  The Honjo smooth alloy 50mm 650b fenders are also extremely sharp looking too!  

Again, relating to the above, this frame is designed for use with fenders.  The use of fenders does entail some safety risk (front wheel lockup from debris getting caught which can cause a terrible accident).  So keep that in mind.  

The paint color is our lovely light blue that earns compliments wherever the bike is seen.

Shipping in the Continental US is included at this price.

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