Cargo Bikes Could Play Key Role In Crisis [OBP News]

Over the weekend a hardened set of contenders pedaled 30 miles across Portland, each loaded down with a hundred pounds of food, propane, and tents. This isn't the new Ironman challenge. It's the Cargo Bike Disaster Trials. 
Some local cyclists are trying to figure out how they can fit into the region's emergency management plans. 
Joel Metz appreciates a bike challenge. But didn't really have to train for this competition. 
"You know, hundred pound loads, not out of the ordinary. Riding around the city, not out of the ordinary. Lifting bike over rocks -- I can't say I haven't done that before!"
Metz delivers freight via cargo bike professionally for Portland's Magpie Messenger collective. On the day we talked, he was grabbing some boxes of paper product at Stumptown Printers. 
Some years ago when Metz was living in the Bay Area, he heard emergency managers wanted to mobilize bike messengers. But not just because they're tough cyclists. At that time, many bike messengers carried wireless radio systems. And that's one of the few technologies disaster planners think will weather a major event.