Cleveland City Council tells drivers to move over and share streets with cyclists (Columbus falls further behind) []

New laws in Cleveland are aimed at protecting cyclists trying to share the road with motor vehicles.
Cleveland City Council put out the welcome mat for two-wheeled vehicles on city streets with a sweeping piece of legislation enacted Monday.
Henceforth, a bicycle is a vehicle, same as a car or motorcycle.
Cars passing bikes on the road must maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from the bike. Trucks have to give 6 feet. And if there is more than one lane, the car or truck has to vacate the lane the bike is in to pass it.
Cars can't drive or park in lanes marked for bikes.
Oncoming bikes have the right-of-way when a car or truck is making a left turn.
It's illegal to open a car door in the path of a bicycle.
Violators will get a $150 ticket.