Columbus Bike Polo Beginners Night

Do you wanna play bike polo? Don't know how or are just curious as to what it’s all about? Then this is for you! Starting Tuesday, June 26 @ 7 P.M. join us for BEGINNERS NIGHT!! This is the night usually reserved for Columbus Bike Polo vets and a few beginners and usually starts at 9 P.M. . We will be starting 2 hours early to let new blood shoot around and play pick up games with like skilled players. Then at 9 P.M. when the vets come to play beginners and vets will be randomly combined for games! So please join us at the Lane & High St. court across from the UDF and next to Taylor tower.

As a beginner myself I know it can be scary trying a new sport with new people but I can tell you that the people of Columbus Bike Polo are some of the most welcoming folks I have ever met. They are true Ambassadors of the Sport!