District Bamboo Bikes

District Bamboo Bikes are handmade bikes made of locally grown bamboo, designed and fitted around the way you ride, built right here in the District of Columbia. These bikes are simple and reliable, yet a unique, functional work of art.
Building bamboo bikes started out as a need for transportation, became a hobby, and turned into a small business. District Bamboo Bikes functions on four main ideas:
Bamboo: Bamboo is central to the design of the bike, so we continually look for innovative ways to construct frames using all the advantages that bamboo has to offer.
Local: Everything from the bamboo to the bike’s components is sourced locally and all steps are done with the environment and local community in mind.
Socially Responsible: District Bamboo Bikes is all about social benefit. We partner with charities and work with small businesses both in and out of the bike industry to create a community of socially aware cyclists.
Cool: These bikes are unique and because they are hand-made, no two are alike. When you purchase a District Bamboo Bike, you’re not just buying a bike, but a functional piece of art.