If you know the environmentalist and climate activist, Bill McKibben, then you know that he possesses a bike racer’s nervous system. Thin and fit, McKibben mostly rides the gravel roads around his home in Vermont, which is good for his health and the well-being of Vermont motorists. (I was once on a ride with Bill when he, driving hard on the pedals, blew through a stop sign - nearly ending his life and with it the world’s chances to solve the issues of climate change.) Road safety aside, Bill’s drive has given him access to a world that needs his vision and when he speaks, its like the final laps of a criterium- one just does their best to stay near the front of it all, to keep up with the urgency.
“We are all going to have to slow down.” Bill has implored consumers around the world. “We’re going to need to need our neighbors, to focus on the durable economies closer to us.” His written work continues in this pressing notion, highlighting the economy close to home and the benefits beyond mere money, “To wit, the farmer's market: energy-efficient local food, and the average shopper has ten times as many conversations as a supermarket shopper. No wonder they're the fastest-growing part of our food economy. Now we need to get going on other sectors too.”
Bill McKibben in the non-cycling season. (Print by JDK design.)