MAGURA RT8 TT: Brake revolution for triathlon and time trialling

The world's lightest and fastest hydraulic rim brake for the road

In 1987, MAGURA invented the first hydraulic braking system for mountain bikes. 25 years later, the world market leader takes its experience in hydraulic rim brakes to the road. Working together with aerodynamics expert Cervélo, MAGURA has now introduced the world's lightest and fastest hydraulic rim braking system for the road, the MAGURA RT8 TT (TT for Time Trial). The motto is: "Aerodynamics by Cervélo, Hydraulics by MAGURA". Their braking power and modulation set new standards for triathlon and road bikes. This allows effective speed management both on the descent and before curves. This way, cyclists are able to gain crucial seconds.

The challenge facing MAGURA's development department in Bad Urach was clear and concise: to build the world's fastest brake for the road. It had to be extremely light, provide greater braking power than any other road bike brake before it, yet still be capable of exact and smooth control. It also sets new standards in terms of aerodynamics for triathlon and time trial machines. In order to trump here, MAGURA brought on board the Canadian bike manufacturer, Cervélo, for its exceptional expertise in aerodynamics. After more than one and a half year of intense development, MAGURA now presents the braking revolution for triathlon and time trialling: the first hydraulic rim braking system for the road - the RT8 TT (RT for Road Team, TT for Time Trial). Four factors stand out here: high braking power, fine modulation, light weight and optimal aerodynamic shape.

Speed management à la MAGURA: The one who brakes later stays fast longer
As a hydraulic rim brake, the RT8 TT has a crucial advantage over comparable mechanical braking systems: Friction losses are considerably lower allowing greater efficacy. This feature allows optimal control. Apart from this, only the slightest of touches is required to produce a high braking power.

The RT8 TT combines rapid deceleration with the best possible modulation therefore providing ideal speed management. "On descents, the cyclist can brake later and more precisely therefore gaining crucial seconds in those few meters before the curve," MAGURA Head of Marketing, Götz Braun, explains. MAGURA's slogan for the RT8 TT is also: “Seconds make the difference!"

Light construction without compromises
The RT8 TT is designed for minimal weight: The carbon brake levers save precious weight, as do the light and extremely stiff aluminium brake bodies. The result of the collaboration is the lightest hydraulic racing bike braking system on the market at only 495 grams.