The Plug II

The Plug II

The Plug is the world's first electric power supply, which is fully integrated and can be operated and serviced on devices such as GPS devices, mobile phones or MP3 players. The electricity is generated from the existing dynamo hub and converted to the nominal voltage of a USB port. This USB port also serves as a connection to external devices that can be mounted on the handlebars or transported in handlebar bags.
After last year's successful product launch the Plug was continuously developed further. One of these evolutions is the extended functionality of the TopCap, which now allows charging Apple´s iPhone® without using a special cable. The option to now connect the Plug II directly to an E-Bike battery is also worth to be mentioned.
The biggest revolution is the complete integration of the entire electronics, which has been in the head tube cartridge so far, into the TopCap. The electronics are encapsulated with a sealing liquid in a housing completely made from aluminium to protect it from humidity in the best possible way. With everything in a simple TopCap installation becomes a piece of cake - just connect the cable with the USB-Top Cap and the dynamo hub - it is that simple!


  • Eco-friendly power supply for USB-devices (GPS, MP3 player or mobile phones) via dynamo hub
  • The full integration provides a clean look, easy upgradeability and a very good anti-theft protection
  • E-Bike ready: the Plug II can directly be connected to an E-Bike battery and brings the USB-port to the handlebar
  • Meets USB specification: The Plug II converts power from an existing dynamo hub into USB 5V standard.
  • Tough aluminum housing: The tough aluminum housing does not only look great, but also withstands even serious impacts.
  • 6061 aluminum salt water and corrosion-resistant housing with sealed electronics for increased lifetime


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