What is it 
Spybike is a covert tracking device that is hidden inside your bicycle steerer tube. The device is disguised to look like a normal headset cap to avoid suspicion. If someone steals your bike, you can use SpyBike to track their movements online and on your mobile
Free Online Tracking Service
Should your bicycle be stolen, this vibration activated tracker will begin uploading its coordinates to our free online service. You can log into the WhereIsIt page and see where your bicycle was taken. This service is free for you to use.
Cheap to run
Install a pay-as-you-go SIM from your country. We do not charge for our tracking service. It is free to use.
Your only cost is the SIM credit. In the UK, each data-upload costs a fraction of a penny. Costs will vary depending on country. The tracker does not upload via SMS message. It uses GPRS and only sends a very small amount of data
Anti-theft key
Spybike comes with a special installation key. This lets you install and remove the tracker
Vibration armed
When you lock your bicycle up, you can arm the tracker with your arming keyring. Should the bicycle then detect movement, it will send you an SMS to alert you. It will then automatically start uploading its position. You can then logon and track your bike.
GSM fallback
Should your bicycle be inside a building it may not be able to obtain a GPS lock. In this case it will fall back to GSM positioning. This is less accurate (approx 200 meters) but will give you an indication of where your bicycle is until it can obtain a better lock
The tracker contains a rechargable lithium battery and comes with a charger. The tracker can go for months between charges so long as you remember to disarm the tracker before riding your bike. It will send you an SMS when the battery runs low and you can view battery usage online
The trackers main defence is disguise. It is designed to look inconspicuous. It appears as a regular headset cap.
Initial configuration is done by sending the unit SMS text messages. Once it is installed, you should not need to touch it again. It is armed and disarmed with your Spybike Keyring
Your tracker requires a SIM card. Since it will use very little credit it is usually most cost effective to buy a pay-as-you-go SIM and just top it up occasionally
The Spybike tracker fits inside the steerer tube of your bicycle. You bike must have an "AHeadset" (it has a cap similar to the above photo). The tracker has a diameter of 23.5mm which fits steel, aluminiumm and most carbon fibre steerers. The tracker is 110mm long. This typically means your steerer must be minium 250mm long. See this link for more details Spybike Instructions
Returns policy
If you find the tracker does not fit your bicycle or does not suit your purpose for any reason, just return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Spybike is an anti-theft device. The basic operation is as follows :
  1. You chain your bicycle up at the bike rack
  2. Arm the tracker with your keyring
  3. A thief comes along and steals your bicycle
  4. Spybike has a vibration sensor in it that you armed in step 2. This detects the movement
  5. You get an SMS text message to your mobile phone telling you your bicycle is moving
  6. Spybike starts uploading its GPS position to our website every 20 seconds until the vibration has stopped
  7. Log into the tracking site and you will see a red line going from the bike stand back to the thief's house
  8. Spybike will go to sleep after the thief puts the bicycle down. The next time they go for a ride you will receive another text and can track their ride into town
Here is some more information that people commonly ask for :
  • The Spybike tracker is concealed within the bicycle fork tube and appears as a normal headset cap
  • The tracker can be securely fixed to the frame with your installation key
  • The battery can last months between charges as long as you disarm the tracker before riding it (so it is not always tracking you)
  • The tracker uploads its location using GPRS which is very cheap. It does not upload positions via SMS
  • We don't charge contracts, you just pay for a pay-as-you-go SIM. Our tracking service is free of a charge.
  • It has a quad-band GSM modem which basically means it will work on any mobile network in the world and so works in every country including the USA
  • The vibration sensor needs several seconds of movement to set it off. A bump won't activate it.
  • If there is not a clear enough view of the sky, the tracker can use GSM triangulation. This will give you a rough idea where your bike is based on the location of nearby phone towers
  • If you forget to activate the vibration sensor and the bicycle is stolen, you can still find it because it wakes up every 6 hours (default) and checks its text messages. You can remotely arm it with an SMS text message.
  • If the bicycle is taken to a block of flats you may not know which flat it is in. Spybike will go back to sleep when the thief parks the bike (the bicycle stops moving). The next time they go for a ride you can receive a text and track where they take your bicycle to.