'Traffic calming' medians approved for New Albany Road [This Week]

New Albany Links residents can anticipate slower traffic coming through their neighborhood on New Albany Road East after three medians are installed west of the commercial business campus.
New Albany City Council voted 6-0 on June 19 to authorize the city manager to advertise for bids for the street project. The work includes repaving 15 miles of city streets and installing ramps to the Americans with Disabilities Act specifications as needed. It also includes sealing cracks on 17 other roads and repairing curbs in the project area.
Councilman Glyde Marsh, who said he does not support "traffic calming" devices because they are difficult to navigate around, tried to amend the bid authorization to remove the traffic calming project. Council voted 5-1 against the amendment
Marsh voted in favor of the bids after he could not remove the traffic calming project.
City Service Director Mark Nemec said the entire street project will cost $1.47 million, which will be drawn from the street improvements and capital improvements funds.
The median installation is anticipated to cost $75,000.
Nemec said New Albany Links residents have complained about speeding traffic for two years, even though the speed limit is 25 mph. Local police also say speeding is an issue, which could be because the road is wide and straight, Nemec said.