The upsides of cycling in summer rain [The Guardian]

Bike blog : Cycling in the summer rain
A cyclist rides through floodwater on the A470 at Machynlleth, one of the main routes from north to south Wales, after severe floods hit west Wales. Photograph: PA
It shouldn't be like this. It's mid-June, and yet just a few yards from where I type, my bike shorts, waterproof jacket and a few other bits of clothing are slowly steaming towards dryness on a coat rack.
I'm always absurdly outraged at bad summer weather, especially rain. Assuming some reports are to believed I might remain aghast for some time, if indeed a change in jet stream winds is going to bring us a wash-out into July.
In a more positive spirit, here's a few personal tips for coping with unseasonal rain as a cyclist. You'll notice that some are contradictory – it's a palette of choices, not a prescription. As ever, I'd love to hear your recommendations.