Via Bicycle has vintage parts available

What Via Bicycle is about

Via Bicycle has been in business since 1982 and has primary been a used bicycle shop. We have bought out many bike shops and specialize in selling reliable bicycles for city commuting. We also have a fully capable shop that builds wheels, overhauls everything from basic 3 speed and coaster brake hubs to exotic turn of the century bicycles. Having been in business for all those years, we have acquired many odds and ends. We have been selling on Ebay since 1999 and are Silver Power Sellers, which basically means we are honest and fair.
Below are some random pictures of our shop, to get an idea of how much stuff we have. 

Please do not just drop by trying to find the rarest stuff on earth, remember that we are a full service shop, and repairs are what pays the bills. Email before coming and have a list of stuff that you are looking for. Calling on the Telephone is not recommended, as the guy in charge of inventory(what is on the website and all other rare stuff) is on another floor in the building. We have four floors, and the first floor is sales(NOT COLLECTIBLE) and repair. That is the phone line that you will find online, if you feel so inclined to track us down. They cannot really help you with anything that is not relating bicycle repair. That is why we do not have the Phone number on the website. Sorry to sound militant, but the best and recommended way of contacting us is through email. . We are not as organized in real space as we are in cyberspace.
When emailing us, don't forget to mention that you saw our webpage, we enjoy feedback.

Click Here to see some of our Rare Bikes