Why a Spearfish? [ridingagainstthegrain.com]

I’ve been blogging for months about a Ti El Mariachi build.  Why did I have a recent conversion to a dream Spearfish?
Well, as posted in the Hardtail Angst thread, I think I’m more of a FS kinda guy.  And the more I look at the bikes, the more I’m convinced that a Spearfish can do everything an El Mariachi can do.  Looking at Spearfishes out bike packing like these (below) has continued to convince me that is correct:
That pic is from Kurt Refsnider’s recent interview on the Salsa blog.  In that interview, he discussed why he chose a Spearfish:
Kid: You rode the Spearfish during the filming of Reveal The Path. How did that bike treat you?