112 Woman answered the call! WHY DO YOU RIDE? [SheRides Cycling]

I don’t care if you’re pro, if you’re a fair weather girl, a downhiller with more brawns than brains, a tourer who isn’t fussed about showering, a triathlete who clearly hasn’t read the velo rules, your the vintage chick who is tres chic, the courier (or maybe your just hip…ster) who rides fixed, the mountain biker chick who believes that dirt belongs under your nails but covered with red polish, mums who’re cargoing it to make a better life and example for her kids, the para athletes who have a special place in my heart for being the real definition of HTFU… you ROCK THE WORLD! The BMXer’s who’re clearly nuts riding kids bikes… the espresso sipping roadies with their bling bling zippie zipps (I was/am one)! The fred’s in their baggies on their carbon fibre roadies who aren’t ready for lycra, the go slow crew, the commuter crowd campaigning hard for safety and the low low riders looking for that beach in California where the chicks roller blade in bikini’s. The ladies who ride folding bikes to mix up the commute, confused cyclocross rider’s (mountain or road) setting trends at every Dirty Deeds session this year. One wheel, two or three as long as you pedal it, I’ll talk about it and here’s what 112 women had to say about why they ride their bikes.