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About Howie Cohen and Everything Bicycles

I have been acquiring “bicycle stuff” (my loose definition for everything that is related to bicycles) since 1957 when at the age of 18 I became deeply interested and involved in bicycling and the Bicycle Industry. My parents, Leo Sr. and RosaBelle Cohen, started a retail bicycle business in 1939 in Minneapolis , Minnesota . The business grew and in 1946 my parents moved the family to Los Angeles, California, where they purchased a Bike Store. In just a few years the business grew to three retail Bike Stores; the name was Playrite Bicycle and Supply Co. Eventually the retail Stores were sold and the Distributorship named West Coast Cycle was established. The business was headed by our parents, Leo Sr. and RosaBelle, with assistance from us three siblings; Louise (aka "Puss"), Howie (me) and Leo Jr. Further history (details) about the evolution of the business and brands (Nishiki, Kuwahara, Cycle Pro, Azuki, American Eagle, American Flyer and others) and my families deep involvement with bicycles can be found in another section of this website (STORIES BY HOWIE). If you need or want to know why my sister's nickname is "Puss" give me a call; it's too complicated to put on paper.
I am now in the process of opening the hundreds of cartons containing the "stuff" relating to bicycles, the bicycle industry, bicycling and the history of all, which has been acquired and packed away in warehouses until time permitted for this project. It is such a pleasure to become reacquainted with the "stuff" which I haven't seen for so many years. Most items bring back many fond memories for me. I am pleased to share this collection with interested people and dedicate my web site to:
Collectors and historians of bicycles and bicycle memorabilia.
Bicycling enthusiasts (recreational bicyclists, touring cyclists and competitive cyclists) wishing to gain knowledge of some of the history relating to bicycles and the bicycle industry.
Friends and associates who have given or sold "stuff" to me over the years (too many to mention).
The many employees of my two companies, West Coast Cycle and Everything Bicycles, and the many suppliers and customers that supported us, without whom I could not have succeeded in business nor amassed this huge collection.
Last but not least, to my parents who gave me the opportunity to join the business and taught me the meaning and importance of "integrity" and to my younger brother, Leo Jr., who was an astute businessman and good friend.
From 1957 until 2007, while in the course of continuing my involvement in the bicycle industry, whether manufacturing, distributing, selling and/or consulting, I have traveled around the world several times visiting bicycle factories, bicycle component/parts factories, bicycle parts and accessories factories, bicycle distributors, bicycle dealers, bicycle industry meetings and bicycle shows. I have always been "on the lookout" and acquired "bicycle stuff" to add to my collection.
Some of the items shown on this site are available to purchase (if I have duplicates). Such items are indicated with the text AVAILABLE TO SELL, I HAVE A DUPLICATE! In some cases I have more than one duplicate. My plan is to list and illustrate the entire collection, after which I would like to transfer ownership to a suitable museum, to be shared by the public-at-large and members of the bicycle industry and other interested persons. If there are any non-duplicate item(s) within the collection that you need or want to add to your personal collection, please contact me by email or phone and we can discuss the situation.
I don't know how many months or years it will require for me to complete this happy project; it will remain a work in progress until completion. I always enjoy meeting or making contact with other people who share my interests in bicycles and/or the bicycle industry, so don`t hesitate to contact me via email or phone about questions or comments you might have. For email use the CONTACT US button found on the top of this page, the home page and several other other pages of this website.  The phone number appears on the masthead of this website.
Thank you for visiting my website. Happy bicycling; may the wind be always at your back.
Howie Cohen