The Bike Hack that Lets You Ride Train Tracks [Treehugger]

This cyclist either boasts an encyclopedic knowledge of the local train timetables, or he has a particularly peculiar death wish. Nonetheless, this is mod that lets cyclists ride in streetcar rails is rather awesome.
Atlantic Cities has more:
The bahnradbahnrad, which Google translates to (far as I can tell) "track bike track bike," turns the negative of accidentally slipping your bike wheel into a streetcar track and falling down into the positive of a potential straight-line commute across town. It was built by the German urban collective We Are Visual, who used it to ride the rails in Kessel like they were pumping an old-timey handcar.
And there you have it—the foundation is laid for the first ever rail-bound bicycle-based mass transit! Get a fleet of four-seaters, slap some more training wheels on them, and you'd have a commute that's speedier than biking (they'd beat out separated bike lanes for sure) and healthier than taking the subway. All for the small price of looking absolutely ridiculous.
Or you can always step it up even further:
A revolution is at hand.