Bike Shoes that 'Don't Look like Bike Shoes' [Gear Junkie]

The category of clip-in bike shoes that “don’t look like bike shoes” has grown in recent years. At least one of the GearJunkie staffers rides in each day wearing shoes that lace up and appear normal (stylish even!) but under the sole in fact is hidden a bolted-on cleat that clips into an SPD pedal for more efficiency on his ride.
New this summer, San Francisco-based DZR Shoes unveils an expanded line of such stealth biking sneakers. The company’s Task Collection includes a lineup of eight new shoe models “designed with performance attributes for cycling but without the ‘I am a cyclist appearance,’” as the company puts it.
dzr bike shoes.jpg

DZR Shoes’ Task Collection
Basically, these shoes have a stiff shank to make them rigid while pedaling and a cutout place in the sole where you bolt on a pedal cleat from Shimano, Crank Brothers, Look, or other major brands. They have shoe laces, not dorky ratchet systems, and they are stylish and comfy enough to wear all day long in most any setting.