Biomega Rolls Out Its Slickest Bike Yet [FastCompany]

The Danish bike brand Biomega has announced a new addition to its family--OKO, a lightweight commuter with a streamlined frame made from carbon fiber and aluminum tubing.
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Still in the prototyping phase, OKO is being developed as a brother to Marc Newson’s SYD and CPH bikes, both intended to be “furniture for urban locomotion”--in other words, stylish enough to compete with less sustainable forms of transportation. But a key difference lies in OKO’s manufacturing: The two carbon-fiber pieces are interchangeable with any of the three sizes of aluminum frame, eliminating the need for retooling.
Biomega’s Lars Larsen says that the designers also took an innovative approach to integrating components that are normally tacked on, including the mudguards and lights, which in the case of OKO, are woven into the carbon construction and “turned into one simple ‘component’ with a clearly demarked transition to the aluminum frame.”
But what will really attract notice is the sleek, minimal profile--the silver frame with black mudguards is especially fetching--that may be cut out for urban roads but not for street parking. At a projected $3,000, this is one bike you’ll want to store indoors.