Bresenham: Distracted driving hurts cycling hobby [Amarillo Globe News]

I love life. I love to ride my bicycle. I should not have to choose between the two. No one should.
Yet, these days, going for a bicycle ride — or even a walk or a drive — sometimes feels like a daily life-or-death choice with the increase in distractions on the road.
When I’m out cycling, I always wear a good helmet and ride as safely as possible.
My friends who love to ride their bicycles ride as safely as possible, too.
We follow the traffic laws. We follow good cycling safety rules, as well.
We want cycling to be enjoyable and safe for everyone.
That’s why the news of the June 10 death of Amarillo family man, attorney and triathlete Jeff Tankersley, 48, hit me hard.
I didn’t know Jeff, who was out riding his bicycle when he was struck by a vehicle driving in the wrong lane. But I ride and I have many friends who ride bicycles in this area of West Texas and eastern New Mexico.