Columbus T&PC Bicycle Subcommittee Meeting Recap 07252012

M-E Companies is discussing alternative connectors for Hudson and Mock roads to the Olentangy & Alum Creek trail and connecting Northtowne across to the Alum Creek trail through the neighborhoods.

Columbus Greenways Trail Development. 2012 is the most aggressive trail development ever in Central Ohio. 

Alum Creek is still struggling to be finished. The smallest piece will take the longest. 22 miles when completed. Ohio Dominican is in design. Brittany Hills & Innis Park under construction. Innis Park to Easton under construction. 

Camp Chase is getting closer to becoming a reality. There is a planned bike bridge to cross I-270 in the Georgesville Rd area to finish out the Camp Chase Trail. Brad was really excited about this bridge.

Missing trail link between Dublin and Grandview Ave construction is starting SOON! Dublin Rd - Riverside to 5th too

There are TWO proposals, B-Share & Alta, to handle a 300-400 bikes and 30 station bike share system in Columbus.  Bike share is planning to be launched next spring or summer in downtown Columbus. They will be using a non-profit to manage the system instead of the city.


  1. Brad also mentioned a couple trails on the Big Walnut Creek on the south side - 3 Creeks to Elk Run Park and Heisel Park to Nafzger Park.


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