Ditching the car. Going for the bike. [Pop City]

In Highland Park


Jason Hare sold his car five years ago and never looked back.

He now commutes to work by bike from his home in Shadyside, saving $8000 a year in car payments and expenses (not to mention losing 45 lbs in the process). "The money we save basically makes it possible to afford a home in a nice neighborhood, close enough to ride to work daily, year-round," he says.

When Jeffrey Bergman, director of TreeVitalize, sold his car, it was a weight off his shoulders, he says. He now happily bikes to his office on Washington's Landing.

Rachel Dingfelder, 28, has no regrets either. "I ditched my car two and a half years ago for a lot of reasons," says the Upper Lawrenceville resident who works at the Midwife Center in the Strip District. She discovered life was more fun on her bike. So when her car needed a lot of mechanical work, she bid it farewell and joined ZipCar.