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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FABIKE frame

The dropouts are the core of the FABIKE frame.

They have been designed in a way never seen before. This great innovation means that you will be able to change the dropout spacing from 120 mm to 130 mm in order to mount different kinds of hubs onto the frame. But, this is not all.
The FABIKE dropouts have vertical insertion. This means that you will be able to mount the rear wheel as easily as on a road frame, without the need for a chain tensioner as the two dropouts will be able to slide horizontally, obtaining optimal chain tensioning. Additionally, the sliding factor is regulated by a high-precision micro-adjustment integrated inside the frame.
This is of course the best solution if you want to use the bike as a single speed/fixed gear bicycle, but it does not prevent you from equipping it with a cassette and derailleur if you wish to have more gears.
The dropouts will be produced using CNC machinery, out of 7075 aluminum alloy (ergal) and titanium locking bolts.
Please have a look at the following video to better understand the cutting-edge innovation this new system brings
to urban cycling.

FABIKE frame

FABIKE dropouts - registered patent from FABIKE on Vimeo.


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