Gazelle orange pure innergy - men

Extra Energy, whenever you want. The innovative Gazelle e-bikes give you just the extra push you need, depending on your own pedaling power. Over a longer distance in the economical ECO position or for a shorter distance in the stronger BOOST position. The removable Lithium-Ion batteries have an average operating range of up to 75 miles (Gold battery) and only weighs 5.5 lbs.
The great thing about a Royal Dutch Gazelle e-bike is that you cannot see that it is an electric bicycle. The battery is subtle placed underneath the luggage carrier and the ultra compact electric drive in the front hub. Which is also why Gazelle e-bikes have been winning one award after the other for a number of years now!
This new Orange Pure Innergy has already scooped its first award: It is the favorite of test riders of Fiets Actief magazine (a renowned bike magazine in The Netherlands).
  • Pure Elegance, No Nonsense e-bike with maintenance free, closed chain case and rotation sensor
  • Power- assisted pedaling technology Rotation sensor that only activates when you are pedaling
  • Handy dismountable battery: charge whenever wherever
  • Very quiet motor in front wheel
  • Ladies model with very low and large entry easy to handle digital display with three degrees of assistance (Eco, Normal, Boost)
  • Choice of three battery packs: bronze, silver, gold and platinum *
  • 7 speed Shimano Nexus with rear roller brake and front V-brake (also available with coaster brake)
frame sizes, men  53, 57, 61
The Orange Pure Innergy is nominated as Dutch E-bike of the year in 2011!
* The innergy bikes in the USA and Canada are delivered with the silver battery, this price includes this battery