Klunking: An ode to Mountain Biking's humble beginning. [Old Spokes Home]

Last week a few of us headed out to Northfield to get back to the roots of mountain biking. The rule was that everyone had a budget of $0.00 to put together a bike that had to have a single gear and the sole braking capabilities of a coaster brake hub.
It is Klunking; maybe you remember a couple posts we did a while back about Klunkerz, the originators of mountain biking pushing down fire roads in the original "Re-Pack" races.
Knowing what we were in for; having ridden the course before with Dan, and a little inspiration from the Transition guys, I brought along my full-face helmet to keep it safe.
After a good afternoon consisting of intense downhill riding on scary bikes, plenty of beer, and no major crashes this will be happening again. If your in the area and would like to be made aware of the next proceedings get in touch with us via Facebook or Email.