Reckless Driving Caught On Camera By Denver-Area Cyclist [CBS Denver]

EVERGREEN, Colo. (CBS4) – A Jefferson County woman could face jail time after she and her adult son were charged in a road rage incident caught on camera by the alleged victim, a bicycle rider.
 Reckless Driving Caught On Camera By Denver Area Cyclist
Cyclist Paul Gallas talks with CBS4's Paul Day. (credit: CBS)
“I was angry,” explains Paul Gallas, the Denver area cyclist.
He was riding west on Highway 74 from Morrison to Evergreen last winter claiming to be as far to the right as possible.
Gallas was operating two video cameras mounted on his bike. One camera recorded a forward view. The second camera recorded a rear view.
What you see first is several passing cars giving Gallas a wide clearance. Then a gray car appears and brushes close to the cyclist.
“It was within a foot or so,” claims Gallas.
Words are shouted at the cyclist by a front seat passenger who’s seen leaning out the window.

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