Smooth Cycling over the Scioto River [Bike League]

It’s been more than six months since the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) updated its guidance for rumble stripes. While the original draft didn’t even mention bicyclists, the new guidance was helpful for addressing our needs. The League and Adventure Cycling are currently preparing an update to our rumble strip policy report, including a matrix of state policies and how they compare to the FHWA guidance. In the meantime, one Ohio advocate is making progress with the state Department of Transportation.
For bicyclists in Ohio, riding along the scenic Scioto River truly is a pleasure. Getting across the river is a bit more of a challenge, as there are only a few bridges in this area north of Columbus. Tricia Kovacs, with the Ohio Bicycle Federation, has been riding in this area for years and was dismayed when the State Route 42 bridge had rumble stripes installed. Luckily, some emails and a meeting later, she is hopeful that state engineers are starting to understand her and other cyclists’ concerns.

Credit: Ohio Bicycle Federation