Yay Bikes! [@yaybikes] partners with Hooligan's for discount Crew tickets for July 21st game! #letsride

Ride to a Columbus Crew game and hang out with the Hooligans. We partnered with the Hooligans to offer discounted tickets at the Hooligan's member price of $20. Make sure you put code "yaybikesrules" in the promo code to get the extra special pricing. 

Kickoff: 7:30pm
Tailgate starts: 5pm
Tailgate clean up: 6:40pm
Rubys Opens: 4pm
Tickets available at bar: 4:30pm to 6:30pm (first come first serve)

Order your tickets here: http://hsh.bigcartel.com/product/columbus-crew-vs-d-c-united-2012 
Make sure you put code "yaybikesrules" in the promo code to get the extra special pricing. 

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Two Options for acquiring your tickets:

1. Pick up at Crew Stadium Will Call
Will Call tickets will be available for pick up at Crew Stadium on day of game.

2. Pick up at Ruby Tuesday
Picking up your tickets at Ruby Tuesday will be available 4 hours before game time kick off of the specific game your attending.
Ruby Tuesday is located at 1978 Summit Street, Columbus, OH 43202

Your tickets you are buying are in the Nordecke, the Supporters sections of the Columbus Crew stadium. Predominately, the tickets will be in the Hooligans main section of 141, but based on demand and opponent; tickets can occasionally be in other sections of the Nordecke. All tickets sold are in the Supporters Sections.
The Nordecke is first come first serve standing, although your ticket will have a seat number, that is not enforced based on stadium rules. You will always need your ticket to enter the Nordecke, dont lose it!

What to expect:
Banners, Flags, and other visual displays can and will occasionally hinder or block your view during the run of play and throughout other portions of the game. Organized chants and other forms of support are not only encouraged, they are expected.

The Nordecke and Hudson Street Hooligans is not for everyone. It is only for people who want to have a kick ass time.

If you want to sit and watch the game silently, please do not purchase a ticket in the Hooligans section. We are loud for 90 minutes every game, bring that energy!

For any questions, or to reserve member rate tickets and pick up at Ruby Tuesday on day of game, please e-mail hshcrew@gmail.com