2012 Catch on Tour

Jerry Smith, is a man passionate about bringing hope to youth who struggle with
both physical and spiritual health. Jerry was founder of About Face Ministries and has
worked with youth for over a decade. This year he is taking his passion for the next
generation to a whole new level. In October of 2010 he was forced to close his youth
center for the second time, not being able to do what he loved spiraled him into a deep
depression. In October of 2011 Jerry weighed over 400 pounds. When he stepped on
his scale and it erred out, he knew something had to change. Jerry decided if he couldn’t
help others through his youth center, he could inspire them by doing something out of
the ordinary. It’s extraordinary.
The Biggest Loser was a great inspiration for him. He has always been about helping
others and decided he wasn’t about to stop now. Jerry decided to take a stance, make a
statement, and do something that had never been done before. He is going to bike over
8,500 miles through the 25 fattest cities in America to raise awareness and sponsorship
for at-risk youth and youth obesity. According to the Men’s Fitness Magazine’s 2012 list
of the 25 fattest cities he put together a Route to take him from Lansing, MI through each
of these 25 cities culminating with a final stop in Los Angeles California. He hopes to be
able to meet up with Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution movement happening in L.A.
this year. He believes the work Jamie is doing is the local school districts is a great way
to help youth get a great start to healthy living.
Jerry will leave on September 3rd and this trip will take him a grueling 114 days. As a
Grand Finale Jerry and fellow fundraisers hope to bicycle to the Biggest Loser Ranch
and enjoy a “Last Chance Workout” with Bob and/or Dolvett! Jerry is due to arrive in Los
Angeles on December 24th, 2012.
WHEN: September 2rd 2012 around approx.1p (will have exact time)
WHERE: Trinity Church, 3355 Dunckel Road, Lansing MI
CONTACT: Jerry Smith, About Face Ministry Founder


  1. He started the ride. Please find away to support him.


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