Chuck Harris, Mirror Man of Gambier passed away on August 18

Imagine if you could come up with a product you could manufacture yourself. This device would weigh less than an ounce and require only three parts that can be fashioned from recycled materials, some of which you can find scattered along the roadside as you bicycle through the countryside. The tools required for manufacturing your device will fit on your kitchen table. 

With very little marketing effort you are approached by dozens, then hundreds, and finally thousands of enthusiastic customers. As the years roll by you find that you can support your family with your one-man, table top manufacturing plant. And some of your customers write to tell you how your simple accessory has greatly improved their bicycling experience or even saved them from serious injury or death.

This is, in fact, the story of Chuck Harris, who, since 1969, has made 88,000 rearview mirrors that mount on eyeglasses and helmets. [Excerpted from Adventure Cycling - keep reading here]