Detroit Avenue in Cleveland will soon cater to those on 2 wheels (Columbus still confused)

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Biking along Detroit Avenue soon will be safer with the addition of 5-foot-wide cycling lanes.
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Detroit Avenue, a major traffic artery on the city's West side, will soon make room for those driving on two wheels.
The city unveiled a plan Tuesday night to stripe 5-foot-wide bike lanes on Detroit from about West 25th Street to Lake Avenue.
The 1.7-mile stretch will narrow to one lane in each direction for cars. Parking along the curb will remain.
The biking community applauded the plan, which could be in place by year's end or by next spring. About 70 people, most of them biking enthusiasts, filled an auditorium at the West Side Ecumenical Ministry, West 52nd Street and Detroit, to see the plan's rollout.
"It's a great beginning," said veteran cyclist Joe Milan, 48, of Tremont. He's among a growing number of bicyclists who want a wider network of dedicated lanes and amenities in the city.