How Fat can we go? [Surly]

In today’s edition of “Look at our new, but dirty, stuff™” you’ll see some new tires for your really obese bike and a set of cranks that’ll work just swell with them. Let’s start with those tires that we’ve named the Bud & Lou, which happen to be a front (Bud) and rear (Lou) specific set of fat rubber sexyness. The MSRP for the tires will be $170.00 each.

Here’s Bud.

Bud likes to be out front, like the Croatian Bear. Bud is a 26” x 4.8” 120tpi tire with a folding bead. 

Here’s Lou.

Lou was designed to hang on your 6 (that’s the rear for those who haven’t seen Top Gun for awhile). Lou also happens to be a 26” x 4.8” 120tpi tire with a folding bead. Once again, Lou works great on the Moonlander because that’s what we designed it for. Both the Bud & Lou have a 7mm tread block height with 17.5% more traction than the Surly Nate. I know that because that’s what the enginerds told me and they can use their computers for things other than looking at bike porn. To make your life easier (and so I don’t get endless emails and phone calls about this) we have some measurements so you can determine if these tires will work on the rig of your dreams.

The following is an emergency update brought to you by our FnG Andy S. He likes to keep me on my toes.
 Casing TypeWeightRim WidthOverall DiameterKnob Shoulder WidthMax Casing WidthRadius @ Knob Shoulder WidthRadius @ Max Casing Width
120tpi K 657368891349325
120tpi K1219g657419192343323
Black Floyd27tpi1060g10073896107342314
120tpi K 657388993339327
120tpi 82749101103343323
120tpi K 657499995342323
120tpi K1340g65756102101344328

Here are a couple of comparison photos of the Bud & Lou next to a BFL on Moonlanders with Clown Shoes.

Now, moving right along to our new crankset that we are lovingly calling the OD Crank. OD can stand for whatever you’d like it to, no one seems to remember. The purpose and the function of this crankset is similar to the current MWOD crankset.  The OD crankset has an offset double chainring configuration, which allows you to run extra fat tires on your steed without sacrificing the inner and middle chainring sizes.  OD learned from its older brother Mr. Whirly, and this is the reason why the its design is focused on simplicity, durability, and the color black.  The spindle is permanently locked to the DS crank arm and the bolt pattern is a fixed 58/94 BCD for direct mounting the chainrings.  Plus, we are using durable sealed Enduro bearings in the external BB cups, which will keep things spinning smoothly across the South Pole or at the local apocalypse wasteland.  Below are the different complete configurations that the new crankset will be offered in.  33/22t chainrings and 180mm crank arms will be sold separately.  The chainrings are 9/10spd compatible.
1. 73mm BB --- 141.5 Spindle --- 39/26t Chainrings --- 175mm Arm Length --- BLACK
2. 73mm BB --- 141.5 Spindle --- 39/26t Chainrings --- 170mm Arm Length --- BLACK
3. 100mm BB (Pugsley) --- 168.5 Spindle --- 36/22t Chainrings --- 175mm Arm Length --- BLACK
4. 100mm BB (Pugsley) --- 168.5 Spindle --- 36/22t Chainrings --- 170mm Arm Length --- BLACK
5. 100mm BB (Moonlander) --- 183.5 Spindle --- 36/22t Chainrings --- 175mm Arm Length --- BLACK
6. 100mm BB (Moonalnder) --- 183.5 Spindle --- 36/22t Chainrings --- 170mm Arm Length --- BLACK