Moscow plans to use cycling lanes for transport [PressTV]

Moscow will soon have dedicated cycling lanes to be used for transport. It's part of the city hall's attempt to improve the infrastructure and will allow Muscovites to get around the city safely on their bikes.

Pilot cycling lanes have been operating in Moscow since last year but they are few and far between. The new initiative is aimed at overcoming the city's notorious traffic problems. Three and a half million Muscovites own a bicycle but they are too afraid to use them on the roads due to a lack of basic safety. 

The work on the new lanes is already underway. The path that will open first in about a month's time is already completed by 60%. It will connect remote areas directly to the Moscow Metro. 

Three cycling paths are planned to be completed this year. The first and second paths will run through the Southern part of Moscow, connecting East with the West. And the third path will stretch for twenty one and a half kilometres embracing Central Moscow. But this is just the beginning with plans to build over 100 bike lanes by 2016 with some even running along the highway.

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