New for 2013: Introducing Warbird [Salsa]

Today we introduce Warbird, our gravel race bike.
New for 2013, Warbird is a bike designed for racing gravel, not just for finishing those events, but for winning them! It is the culmination of many years of gravel experience, and countless hours of dreaming of an ideal gravel race bike. Sure, it takes a nod from some of our other models such as the Chili Con Crosso, La Cruz, and Vaya, but this is a whole new bike. Read on to learn more.
For those not familiar with the growing gravel racing scene, let me explain what it is like here in the Midwest. In Minnesota, passionate event promoters put on the Almanzo Gravel Race Series, a series of free gravel racing events. These events are generally 100 miles in length, but each has its own character, personality, terrain, and seasonality. For example, the Almanzo 100 allowed 800 entrants this year, while the Heck Of The North had a field limit closer to 100. To our south, the annual beast known as Trans Iowa sends riders out for 300-plus miles of unsupported gravel, with a time limit of 34 hours. Even further south, the Dirty Kanza keeps its mileage to 200 but always involves a tire shredding course, and usually extremely hot weather.