New Word: Velocapitalist

The New World Bicycle Dictionary, 3rd Edition (2012) contains this entry under “velocapitalist”:
velocapitalist — (plural velocapitalists) pronunciation: /vəˈloCAPitalist
1. noun. One who promotes the activity of cycling for transportation, sport, health or recreation and invests in or encourages public investment in cycling infrastructure and commerce.
2. adj. The quality of applying the technology or culture of cycling to acquire wealth or increase individual and societal well-being.
ex. a) “A new breed of velocapitalists is transforming the transportation system in the United States from one based on the power of fossil fuels to one based on human motive power.”
ex. b) “That’s a very velocapitalist approach to the problem, I like the way you think, Wilbur.”
Etymology: from the French velocipede, a term literally meaning “fast foot” applied to precursors of modern bicycles and English capitalist, meaning one who acquires, employs or deals in capital goods, financial instruments or other valuable assets.
Okay, I’ll admit it there is no such Dictionary and yes, velocapitalist is just a word I made up, a mashup of Velocipede and Capitalist that echoes “Venture Capitalist” without really being clear about the similarities or differences...
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