Pedal-powered washing machine costs less than $40 to make [Springwise]

Aimed at communities that lack the money and electricity to keep modern washing machines – where laundry tasks can eat up six hours per day – the GiraDora consists of a plastic tub with a foot-powered spinning mechanism. Users can fill the container with soap and water, load their clothes and place the lid on top before sitting on the device and powering it with the foot lever. The sitting position is a much more natural posture and helps avoid back problems associated with leaning over a bowl. The machine also uses less water and cleans clothes faster and with less effort than traditional methods, while users’ hands are freed to carry out other tasks. In winter, clothes can take up to three weeks to drip dry but when the GiraDora’s water is emptied, the clothes can continue to be spun to dry more quickly, avoiding mold growth and tenosynovitis linked with wringing wet clothes. At a production cost of less than USD 40, the device is an affordable way to reduce the effort of handwashing, making the process more convenient and freeing up people’s time. The following video offers more information about the device: